Délage A.K.A. Loverboy

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Epub, 16MB, 15min, 200 SMS.
Cover: Printed, white beercans

NO NEW MESSAGES is a digital fanzine that combines the music of Délage’s recent album LOVERBOY BEATFACE and the collected text messages the audience sent him during its release concert. The result reads like a collective poem: While Délage pours out his broken heart and sings lines like “In your arms I’ll be your boy, your one and only toy”——the audience replies with messages offering “Hey my parents are away 2nite…”, wondering “Am I pregnant?”, stating “I am on 🔥!”, or asking “Can I have a piece of swag?”.

NO NEW MESSAGES was released with a live performance in studio4ons on October 14 2017.

After the release the same setting was used to record CALL ME TODAY as the official video for Délage’s first single on Field Mate Records.