Jacob Darfelt


Epub, 4MB, 5 coversations, 7 drawings.
Cover: Matchboxes. Will be available at San Seriffe (Amsterdam), Annual Report (Copenhagen) and Twoffice (Seoul).

Words and finds on the fire of Casa Rosso, Amsterdam, 1983.

Short after Red Light District’s legendary casino and strip club burned down, stories started rumouring the streets. Someone heard something of someone. A secret tunnel. A bouncer in love with a dancer. Gasoline and jealousy. GASOLINE! “Zwarte Joppie,” how the the big-boss was called. Broken legs and arms. An elephant, that could not stop the fire. A perpetrator from Russia, persecuted murderer in the USA. Bystanders pulling the fireboat down the Gracht. Maltese knights, in number 100, keeping their church wet, protecting it from the flames. And later a “rich cesspit” was found under the ashes. 

All that and more, recalled by five eyewitnesses. Displayed word by word, which reads like listening to their stories first hand.

OUT OF THE FIRE will be released with events at San Seriffe, Amsterdam on March 15 and at Annual Reportt, Copenhagen on March 17.