About the fire!… So this guy was working in the Casa Rosso And he got fired and eh… So to revenge this… I mean, he was mad and angry and… He got angry and he already… he murdered a man in the USA before he came here. So, he… He ran inside the Casa Rosso with er… some gasoline. And he took out some matches… And so, he poured the gasoline ALL over the carpets. And then… you know… In five, ten minutes the whole building was set on fire! ’Cause the thing is that all the walls were covered with this eh… Dutch traditional tapestry… Tapestry made from NYLON! And a lot of curtains… So it said PPROOUFFF! And everything was made out of wood of course, ’cause it was like this old building. The stairs, the walls… Everything was wood. That is why it went like this: Prhrouf!… And the building burned down.