Charlott Weise

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Epub, 40MB, 9 poems, 32 drawings.
Cover: flags.

While tanning on deck, the sailor can’t be bothered by the siren’s sweet call. Down in the cabin Christopher confesses his feelings to James in a letter he should have written centuries ago. Far below the surface of the ocean, protected by the darkness of time, Triton doesn’t have to hide his fear of shrimpy shrimp. Back on deck the weary sailor falls in a deep sleep, riding dolphins in this dream …

This catalogue was published on the occasion of Charlott Weise’s exhibition HE AT SEA at Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen 2018, which consisted of sail paintings installed in the space like masts at sea. Instead of documenting the exhibition, the catalogue contains a series of digital drawings, capturing narratives, energy and humor found throughout her work.

HE AT SEA was on view at Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen from 14.10.–16.12.2018.