Charlott Weise

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Epub, 40MB, 9 poems, 32 drawings.
Cover: flags.

The sailor can’t be bothered by the sirens of the mermaid calling, while he is tanning on deck. In the cabin Christopher confesses his feelings to James in the letter he should have written centuries ago. Deep down in the ocean, protected by the darkness of time, Triton doesn’t have to hide his fear of little shrimp. And back on deck the sailor fell in deep sleep, dreaming of riding dolphins …

The following catalogue is published on the occasion of Charlott Weise’s exhibition HE AT SEA at Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen — a former bunker on the outskirts of Amsterdam. Weise updates the old myth of men at sea painting on sailing canvases installed in the space like ship at sea. The catalogue does not represents her work through photography, but through the act of painting and storytelling itself. Page by page it draws out the topics and motives of the exhibition and in that way captures the energy and narrative of her work.

HE AT SEA is on view at Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen from 14.10.–16.12.2018.